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Tec-Ease invites you to participate in our GD&T Challenge. Periodically we will present a new GD&T Challenge question. When you have the answer, or think you do, submit it to All correct answers will be put into a drawing to win a prize. Approximately a month after we post the question, we will conduct a free Brown Bag Session discussing the challenge question and solution. Participants will be able to submit questions to be answered by the presenter. Everyone is welcome to attend this free session, whether you submitted an answer or not.

Did you miss one of the Challenges? All previous GD&T Challenge questions, answers and Webinars will be available to view on this page.

GD&T Challenge Question #1

This is the first of three challenges dealing with the mechanical bolted flange joint shown below. Study the design intent and dimensioning scheme as shown. The fasteners are not key locating features, they are only clamping the flanges together.

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